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Trust, Enjoy, Empower and Focus herbal drops together form Go4Balance. Each bottle is a powerful synergy of different herbs that help to find balance on an emotional, mental, physical and energetic level. Four herbal bottles to help you find emotional, mental, physical and energetic balance. New balance in one element strengthens the whole of the other elements.

It is recommended to complete the circle of the four bottles, hence Go4Balance. Go 4 Balance Philosophy : Everything is connected, just as the four elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air are inextricably linked in nature to maintain balance. From this model of the four elements, I also look at the human being. Each of the four bottles has a profound effect on the connection between the physical, the emotional, the mental and the energetic. Natural and pure in use : It is a natural, complementary food. The various herbs are carefully selected and of high quality (Hab label) and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Note: Caution is advised in case of medical conditions, prescribed synthetic drugs, during pregnancy and lactation. Do not combine herbs with alcohol either.

Go4Balance creams are a supportive treatment to restore the balance between body and mind. They contain carefully chosen essential oils with a specific effect. Essential oils are extracts of aromatic plants obtained by cold pressing of the peel of fruit (citrus fruits) or by steam distillation (parts of all other aromatic plants). They have a powerful effect on both body and mind. From a holistic point of view, Body and Spirit are inseparable. Physical complaints and mental or emotional problems such as unrest, fear, sadness, stress, fatigue, lack of energy, concentration problems, ... indicate an underlying imbalance or disturbance. By applying the massage creams to the skin at certain contact points, we bring balance and harmony to the inside of the body via the outside. Through gentle massage, you bring order into the body with the aim of restoring balance so that body and mind can function optimally again. 



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