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FEAR u> strong> h4>

negative em> strong>: Timidity, shyness, known fears: eg for disease future, animals, eksamen fear p>.

Positive em> strong>: The courage to face the terrifying situations faced p>.

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Beveiligingsbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)


Leveringsbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)


Retourbeleid (bewerken met de module Klanten geruststellen)

Keywords em> strong>: fear of known things
. Mimulus is for fear of a known cause, such as fear of illness, death, accidents, pain, darkness, cold, poverty, other people, animals, spiders, public speaking, loss of friends or job, dentist, etc. it is suitable for people who are afraid of things that can be easily identified. Often they are artistic and talented, but also shy and withdrawn and they usually do not open their mouths in the company. The Mimulus type often suffer from blushing, stuttering, nervous giggle, etc.
Mimulus is good for shy, timid children who are afraid of animals, the dark, etc. (see also Larch)

The positive potential of Mimulus:.. Strong>
- The personality of the quiet courage to face trials and difficulties with humor and confidence.
- They can stand up for themselves and enjoy without fear of life, where they have their emotions under control.

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