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Stone Telling by Palaysia productions (dutch version)

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Have you ever seen us have you ever really looked at us?

We stones come in all shapes and sizes and in all colors of the rainbow. We have come to be your friend.

have you ever felt us? have you ever felt really who we are?

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Have you ever seen us? Have you ever really looked at us?

We stones come in all shapes and sizes and in all colors of the rainbow. We have come to be your friend.

Have you ever felt us? Have you ever felt really who we are?

We all stones have a different character, different qualities and different talents. Just like you people. If you carry us with you, or place us in your neighborhood, you can experience our powers in your life. This is how we would like to help you.

My story My name is rock crystal. If you click on the listen tab, you can listen to my story. One of my peers lives in the house or a lady named Ursula. Ursula loves stones very much. Once Ursula sat very quietly looking at her stones.

Then we asked her if she wanted to write down our stories. Of course not just because stones can only speak out loud in cartoons.

No, with our power of thought we gave her the idea to write down our stories. And to make a book especially for children.

Ursula did that. The book is now ready and it is called stone count.

Beautiful pictures in the book I tell you about how we created stones. The different structures of our crystals are usefull Discussed.

I'll teach you how to clean stones. And how you can use us as a medicine!

Further More, I will tell you how you can choose us and what you can use for all of us. And there are usefull beautiful stone meditations in the book.

And then no less than 43 of my friends ook speak. They are happy to tell you What they want to help you with. A beautiful photo ook leg has added all of the stones. This way you can see what each stone Immediately looks like. What different colors, right?

Here you can see my friend chrysocolla, for example. In the book he Explains why you are here on earth.

Beautiful Edition
The book is counting stones luxury with a sturdy, hard, just-genuine leather cover with gold lettering. The book itself has 128 pages and is completely in color.

Order this beautifully executed book today and you can browse it in a matter of days!

Count stones is a book That children will enjoy - playfully They learn about the origin of the different stones, how They can apply them in Their lives and what the different stones can mean for them. Written by graduated Steinheilstrasse Protection Ursula Dombrowsky and with color photographs of various photographers.

Count stones is suitable for children from around six years old (reading aloud) and reading themelves from around 9 years old.

What good is this book for you?
First of all, you can look at all photos Those beautiful stone together or on your own. What a variety! Which stone do you like? Which stone appeals less to you?

You can compile a wishlist. Which would you like to have stones

You can learn a lot ook:

how stones are created
what the different stones are called
how you can choose a stone for yourself
how you can choose a stone for someone else
how you can let your stones go "on vacation"
how to make rock water
what you can use your stones for
how you can support your family, friends and pets in the healing of diseases and ailments
what types of stones there are and how They affect you
per stone how theywere created and what structure theyhave
how different each stone can help you
how many followers a stone pharmacy can Consist or

Do you wanna be bootable usefull to look up the name of a stone quickly? Ook Do you want to know what the stones have to say to you? Ook Do you want to learn how to use your stones?

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