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Platbos Baobab Flower Essence

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Platbos Bladder Nut 20 ml

Bladder Nut - tree of self-knowledge:. For the concentration and the release of the need for outward appearance.

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Platbos Baobab Flower Essence

  • Heals ancient wounds
  • Supports healing and integration of the Shadow-Self
  • Awakens and empowers the Divine Feminine within
  • Connects and grounds “Cosmic Consciousness”
  • Holds alchemical powers
  • Wisdom-keepers
  • Guardians: watching over, protecting and nourishing the Earth

Here I am! Solid, fully present and rooted in Mother Gaia, my Light is anchored in the Heavens and all my needs are seen to. From this foundation of abundance, I share my unique gifts with the world. I give and receive with gratitude.

Supportive Remedies
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Melissa Saayman, founder of the African Tree essences, over the Baobab

Offers a profound new perspective on what has, until this moment, appeared ‘impossible’David Livingstone, the great explorer of Africa, nicknamed the Baobabs the eighth wonder of the world. And surely they are, for when you delve deeper into their ancient association with humanity, the gifts they share with us and the myriad of creatures who live in their shade, then a silence settles over you. How to describe these magnificent beings?

Following my successful quest to find a Baobab flower, I tried to capture in words the essence of these remarkable trees and my experience of their profound healing energy. I soon realized that this was no simple task and was stumped by an unusual writer’s block: These trees, they are too big to capture in words. Yes, you can describe them by their height of up to 25 metres and their incredible girth. After the Montezuma Cypress in Mexico which has a circumference of 36.2 metres, the second stoutest tree in the world is South Africa’s own Sagole Baobab, measuring 33.72 metres in girth and 22 metres in height. You can describe them too by their longevity, for Baobabs can live for a good few thousand years, yet to capture all that they are: this would require a baobabian of a book. My offerings here cannot do full justice to the Baobab: they are but a small glimpse into who and what these great trees may be.

Baobabs provide for every essential requirement of life, and more. Like all trees, they supply oxygen, our primary need. Baobabs have earned the titles, “Tree of Life” and “Super Tree” as every part – from root, bark, trunk, leaf, flower, fruit and seed – has been used to support and enhance life.

They have medicine and nutrition in their leaves, fruit pods and seeds. Nutrition so superb that they are now known world-wide as a ‘super food’. These part of the tree have a long shelf-life and are easily transported. One could likely live on the Baobab alone for extended periods, but this would not be necessary as Baobabs also provide humans with the means to further enhance our lives and nutrition. Their bark tissue is used to make snares for hunting, fishing nets, baskets and sacks for transporting goods and harnesses to tether livestock. The bark of the Baobab was used to make boats, and the trunks made into dug-out canoes. From their bark tissue, clothes, hats, shoes and beehives were also fashioned. The durability of the bark is illustrated by this saying in Bengal: “As secure as an elephant bound with a baobab rope.” Ancient trade routes wound their way through the lands of the Baobabs and their seed pods were taken along, not only as sustenance, but also so that these trees of infinite provision could be planted in far-off places.

The Baobab caters too for the joys of life: strings for musical instruments made from their bark, and seed pods for percussion. Soap, shampoo and moisturisers from the pulp of the seed pods and nourishing oil from the seeds. Their roots produce a red dye, and the fruit fibre provides a light pink dye. The fruit stalk can be powdered and used as a substitute for tobacco and the seeds roasted in place of coffee. The pods can be burnt as fuel, and glue made from the pollen of the flowers. People have made homes and holy shrines in their hollowed out trunks.

Baobabs may yet prove to be the super heroes of the future: it is said that on account of their ability to absorb large stores of carbon dioxide – the gas responsible for global warming – they may well become the most important tree species in the world.

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