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Mugwort Moon Magic
  • Mugwort Moon Magic

Mugwort Moon Magic

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Mugwort Moon Magic - (Artemisia douglasiana - Mugwort): Heats and feeds the ciruclatie p>.

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Mugwort Moon Magic - (Artemisia douglasiana - mugwort): Warms and nourishes ciruclatie. Summer in the "Seasons of the Soul mandala". The fresh flowers of the mugwort are picked by hand and potentiated in pure olive, safflower or sunflower oil, with vitamin E for the preservation. The essential oils of lavender, red tangerine, lime and mugwort are added to it. Finally remedies of mugwort and Hibiscus blossoms are made to the mixture, to promote heat soul, mental clarity and full expression of the body. Use for: Spend summer in the body, let it breathe and expand, while remaining grounded and centered. Just as to open the moxa in the acupuncture, the mugwort-oil enhances the blood circulation, and the energy flow in the meridians, by stuck energy. The mugwort oil is generally good to use with bruises, veins clots or having a blue color. Such areas often do not have enough flow or blood flow, this can be remedied with the mugwort. Brings the "power of Summer" during the winter and "winter" physical problems such as winter hands and chilblains and hardened or rigid conditions such as arthritis. The mugwort is especially good as a balm for the general female reproductive organs. At irregular, difficult-flowing or delayed menstruation this oil can be very pleasant. By midwives recommended to use at birth and to encourage breastfeeding. Not for use during pregnancy, only at birth. The mugwort brings those who have a surplus of "moon" qualities such as emotional and psychological sensitivity in balance with clarity and physical heat. P>

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