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Magnesium posome - Nataos

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A unique liposomal magnesium 1 span> complex span>

sup> span> * Helps to reduce fatigue and to the healthy functioning of muscles and nervous system span> span> p>
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* Helps to reduce fatigue and to the healthy functioning the muscles and nervous system span> span> span> div>
Magnesium is one of the most abundant mineral in the human body. About 50% of the magnesium is in the bones, 25% in the primary muscles, and the remainder is distributed throughout the nervous system and other organs. Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. This includes daily processes, such as the contribution to the energy-yielding metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, the maintenance of normal bones and role in the cell division process. Therefore, magnesium is an essential mineral for the body. Unwanted effects through you rather avoid shortages of magnesium. It is estimated that approximately 75% of the population does not get in the recommended amount of magnesium. Since the body can not produce magnesium, we must get from our diet or a good supplement. Magnesium is not always easily absorbed in the body: this depends on the magnesium form and the bioavailability of the supplement. We therefore span> span> Magnesium posome created

Why Magnesium posome of Nataos span> span>
Magnesium posome is? a unique complex of natural, liposomal magnesium 1 span> from seawater with trace elements and bisglycinaat. This liposomal form provides an optimal absorption of magnesium, and also contains vitamins and co-factors, such as taurine, SAGluthation, vitamin B6 2 span>, B1 < span style = "font-size: .563em;"> 3 span>, B12 4 span>, Folate 6 span>, molybdenum and vitamin D3 5 span> to optimize the physiological effect of magnesium. You see, this is a very broad spectrum magnesium complex with additional ingredients that are important for energy 1,2,4 span>, psychological function 1,2,3,6 span> heart function 3 span>, your immune system 2,4,5 span>, muscles 1.5 span> and nervous 1,3,4 sup> span>

What Magnesium posome of Nataos is unique span> <? / span>
• with liposomal magnesium matrix for a better absorption.

Broad-spectrum complex enriched with vitamins and co-factors. • However, natural magnesium from sea water with trace elements.
• Good tolerable magnesium forms

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