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Neti kannetje

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The neti cleanses nasal passages, nasal membranes, forehead cavity.

The nasal mucus plays an important role in our immune system. Breathing through the nose filters and improves the incoming air. Using a neti can removes harmful substances from your respiratory system and thus improves incoming air.

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1. Take lukewarm water and add a scoop of Himalayan salt (1.5 grams of Birnun salt to 125 ml of water per nostril). The salt should be completely dissolved in the water.

2. Which nostril do you breathe through most easily?

3. Put the tip of the nasal douche in this nostril.

4. Bend your head slightly forward and then to the side over a sink. Open your mouth and lift the nasal insert so that the water enters the nostril. Breathe slowly and gently through the mouth... The water will run out through the other nostril. Meanwhile, continue to breathe gently through the mouth.

5. Raise your head again and blow out through both nostrils. Have a (paper) tissue nearby to blow your nose.

6. Do the same from step three for the other nostril.

After some getting used to and practising, it will become a pleasure to do it every day. After a cleaning you can also oil the nose, for example with Pinasnas nasal drops, Shadvindu taila or Anu taila.

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