Zechsal MCM gel, 100 ml. Especially for joint complaints

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  With 15% pure magnesium

     - Natural joint support

     - Targets inflammation and relieves pain

     - Relaxes the muscles

     - Contains OptiMSM, chondroitin and ginger

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Many people suffer from problems with their joints. This has many possible causes: from rheumatoid arthritis to menopause complaints, from osteoarthritis to a bruise. Some people's problems are chronic, others are occasional. Often the complaints get worse as we get older. Really annoying, because stiff joints cause pain and discomfort. What can be done about it?

Zechsal MCM gel

With the Zechsal MCM gel improvement is possible in a natural way. MCM stands for magnesium, chondroitin and MSM. Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients with proven effect, the gel provides targeted support for the functioning of joints.

The basis of the gel is the ancient magnesium from the Zechstein source. Magnesium has a double effect. Together with calcium, it is responsible for building healthy and strong bones. In addition, it relaxes the muscles around the painful joint. It is these muscles that absorb the blows when a joint is not functioning optimally. High muscle tension and cramping can then easily occur. Magnesium helps to relax the area around the joints, thus providing relief.

OptiMSM®, ginger and chondroitin are all anti-inflammatory. Joint complaints are often accompanied by inflammations, which are thus tackled threefold. OptiMSM® and chondroitin are both a building material for our cartilage, which is essential for smooth movement.

Dosage and use

Use one or more times a day on the joints that are giving complaints. The gel is pleasant to use and has a fresh fragrance. Allow to soak in, rinsing is not necessary. For serious complaints, you can also use the gel to pack the joint. A foil to cover the joint provides extra warmth, allowing the gel to penetrate better and do its work optimally.

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