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Pale Coral Pomander P17 "Keeping all parts of our '

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Pale Coral Pomander helps us to keep the parts of ourselves we always exposed negative. It helps to keep more of ourselves, to be more friendly towards ourselves. P>

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Pale Coral Pomander helps us to love the parts of ourselves That we have've given negative attention to, in order to be printable to love ourselves a little more, to be more kind to ourselves. When we Recognize the parts of ourselves That we have not loved so much and realizing They are integral to our being we can Recognize That leg When there has been a shift it or at a negative experience That We Have Learned from. The eclipse can be powerfully utilised to refocus and turn into shadows to light. It provides an opportunity for us to Recognize That when, we act from fear, energy is released That leads to the creation or That very fear. It seems That to love our fears would be to integrate the energy That leg has locked up in our fears, helping us to make the next step forward - the release of unrequited love, the release of fear. Eclipses are tools from the universe to get us to pay attention to areas in our lives That need to change. They shine a glaring ray of truth to the part of our lives that's being touched.
In Hansel, B093, new awareness (Pale Coral)-which is a non-judgmental awareness in relation to the process or the individuation (Turquoise) is interesting to consider, is the complimentary Turquoise opposite of Pale Coral. Following on from the radical REALIZATIONS Prompted from the eclipse, having faced what lies in the shadow That brings us what we do not want in life rather than what we do leads to progress on the journey of individuation and greater awareness or consciousness. Pale Coral / Turquoise gives us the opportunity to be bootable to feel for the sense of balance between the male and the female within. The male and the female allow us to connect with the collective ocean. Collective unconscious aspects of ourselves is Which we all share; it is a resource in relation to all the symbolism and understanding of the collective. It does not matter How many followers conditions we were born into (religious or social) collective consciousness taps into everything. The coral, giving access to That collective, or color opposites, gives us the opportunity for something-which is a revelation of understanding of the male and the female coming together within the self. This gives singularity of vision, a clear vision from a unification of the female and the male intuitive analytical within the self.
The Pale Coral Pomander can assist us in welcoming deep joy and liberation as we make our contribution to universal spirituality. As the coral is Recognized as a deep awakening of the Christ energy it is significant That the Bethlehem star is visible on 23rd September.
At a mental level, Pale Coral has to do with community co-operation and the sense of an integrated whole. We can look at it from the point of view of being aware of what is happening with oneself Whilst at the same time to extend beingable That awareness to include what is happening universally.
Empathy relates to the Pale Coral, there is a resonance between two beings, facilitated by a common humanity and interdependence. Empathy is a shared situation. The more the light of consciousness comes to it, the greater the Possibility of Their feeling pain and the easier it is to relate to Their pain. That sense of empathy Means That Their pain is your pain and maybe you can do something within yourself thatmakes a difference to Their pain.
As coral form it grows as a mass, lots of little organisms come together to make a circle . That circle can grow and expand into an island Because The little bit of water in the middle of the coral can Become isolated from the ocean. We can say coral That has as an inherent part of its nature, just as an individual organism, something symbolic of the circle of life, the wholeness of life or the co-operative whole. No separation just a sense of developing the mental continuum or wholeness, the collective.
When the reef begins to die, Whether that's due to a change of currents or other effects in the ocean related to what cor

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