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SOFTNESS - mildness - Reconciliation p>

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BIRCH - Bouleau: strong> span> h4>

SOFTNESS - mildness - RECONCILIATION em> strong> p>

This graceful tree that serves very feminine, here both for humans and for the Earth. When our planet has undergone a shock, or if it was outraged; as our earth is moved, and when they were inundated by tidal waves, or if she was ravaged by volcanic eruptions, the birch was the first tree that grows back spontaneously, and the severity of its softness uses to heal the wounds of the incurred this phenomena. The oil (or oil-like preparation) wears this quality of softness. P>

We can we be inspired by his role on earth and use it after similar violent phenomenon, such as a traumatic event, painful experiences ... The softness Birch helps the violence that is expressed in pain or moral suffering to drive. p>

She always helps us feel a lack of softness or too much violence in us. The oil surrounds us gently to relax, or to calm an exciting stress. She respects our own energies, because they add nothing, they softened only what is. This oil is excellent to achieve complete relaxation. P>

One of her strength is also that this oil makes it possible to be able to come into contact with a peaceful ourselves. And who among us does not feel the occasional need to take his armor that protects us actually, but also hinders us and makes log? P>

Birch oil helps: em> strong> p>

In the calm of intense stress, which manifests itself in physical pain or suffering morally or psychologically.
If one is confused by very strong emotions.
If it is too susceptible to violence from outside.
in need of tenderness and love
to create a positive image about ourselves
She teaches us to come to a peaceful contact with ourselves..; parts of body, we do not like to accept all softness; a gentler relationship to engage ourselves to accept ourselves and reconcile us with ourselves -. and create a positive image about ourselves
To discover our own personality and our qualities, to accept our softness and accept ourselves . p>


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