Platbos Baobab Tree Mist

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Helps to break old patterns and heal old wounds. 

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Platbos Baobab Tree Mist

The Baobab Flower essence heals old wounds and supports the healing and integration of the 'shadow self'; the part of the unconscious consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings and instincts.

This remedy connects and grounds the cosmic consciousness and strengthens your inner divinity. Baobab helps you to break through old patterns.

The bark of the Baobab is very healing and loved by elephants and many other animals that live in the Platforest.

Affirmation: "Here I am! Strong, fully present and grounded in Mother Gaia. My Light is anchored in the Heavens and all my needs are met. From this base of abundance, I share my unique gift with the world. I give and receive with gratitude."

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