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BEECH - Hêtre: strong> u> strong> h4>


The beech is a tree that rarely suffers from overgrowth of parasites, and in the forest view of a beech forest will never see brambles or disorderly developments. He has this quality that repel not only allows him intruders, but mainly to prevent them to be spread around him or get him upset.
We can summarize this quality:. Security, peace, awareness of their own strength p>

Het using this oil will allow us to develop this quality in us that may be useful in cases of doubt, weakness, lack of confidence .... We know the physical characteristics that are generated by these kinds of problems: buckling knees, anxiety 'in the belly, throat tightness ... a kind of emptiness at the abdomen, weakness in the loins, because one is too confident in his own life. p>

This oil helps to dispel our doubts, so we would be overwhelmed by other impurities, under the guise of disturbing thought patterns and emotions. P>

Beech oil helps: em> strong> p>

The physical manifestations of fear and weakness, which we perceive as problems in the abdomen, blockage in the throat or weakness in the loins.
  With weak resistance.
  To overcome difficulties caused by fear, doubt or lack of confidence.
  At identity problems (eg. In examinations), shyness. P>


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