CHAMUEL 639 - Emotional oil 15 ml

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  • Calms anger and rebalances the nervous system.
  • Helps us understand the point of view of others.
  • Helps us heal troubled feelings.
  • Helps us forgive and forgive ourselves.
  • Helps us let the past go.
  • It helps to accept others and accept yourself.
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Working: This oil helps create harmonious interpersonal relationships. It can help with relationship problems, for example in the family or to alleviate social problems. Helps in releasing unpleasant emotional situations and wounds that get in the way of an open attitude when entering into relationships. It helps dialogue. It helps to let go of the people who have hindered us from being ourselves. I accept and forgive myself and others.

Fragrance impression: floral, citrusy and enveloping with an aromatic and balsamic heart, with summery and intoxicating scents

Ingredients: Petit Grain, Cypress, Bourbon Geranium, Barreme Lavender, Coriander, Myrtle, Hyssop

Recommended blossom water: RISVEGLIO

General: Each essential oil symbolises a stage of the emotional journey to well-being; it is important for all of us to balance specific aspects to promote our well-being.

Each oil is designed to resonate with a specific emotional frequency. Trust your intuition to choose the right path for you at this time. Release your mind and feel which bottle resonates. Use this emotional oil for 21 days. 

Each time after use, you can finish with a harmonising body gel and blossom water with specific vibration.

Each oil goes with one of the two blossom waters: ESORDIO ( opens ) or RISVEGLIO ( closes ).

Frequency 639: the frequency 639 Hz is also known as the frequency of the heart. This frequency radiates love and positive energy towards you. With this frequency, you experience the vibration of your heart chakra. The heart chakra is the centre of love, empathy and compassion of the chest.

You can find playlists of this frequency on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube. Lovely to gently rub yourself with this Chamuel oil on the same frequency song....

All oils are 100% natural, composed of 7 base essential oils . The base are 7 carrier oils.


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