JEREMIEL 852 - Emotional oil 15 ml

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  • Promotes spiritual awakening and connection with the universe.
  • Removes the need to control everything.
  • It helps to see beyond mental conditioning.
  • It helps to detach oneself from the material context alone.
  • It gives clarity in recognizing one’s path.
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General: This oil helps to release one's internal power, releases mental energy trapped by excess thoughts and promotes to meditation and the realisation of one's own spiritual nature. It promotes positive and free action towards others. It helps to reconnect with one's source and overcome the separation between mind and soul separation caused by excessive rational thinking and internal and external conditioning.

Recommended blossom water: ESORDIO

Fragrance impression: floral, aromatic with a hint of sweet that opens into a spicy heart

sweet and enveloping

7 Ingredients: Thuya, Neroli, Cypress, Aniseed, Frankincense, Barreme Lavender, Indian Sandalwood.

General: Each essential oil symbolises a stage of the emotional journey to well-being; it is important for all of us to balance specific aspects to promote our well-being.

Each oil is designed to resonate with a specific emotional frequency. Trust your intuition to choose the right path for you at this time. Release your mind and feel which bottle resonates. Use this emotional oil for 21 days. 

Each time after use, you can finish with a harmonising body gel and blossom water with specific vibration.

One of the two blossom waters fits each oil: ESORDIO ( opens ) or RISVEGLIO ( closes ).

Frequency 852 Hz is used to open up to your higher self. This tone expands your intuition and is connected to the light. Ideal to use if you want to get rid of negative energy, for example if you are anxious and keep mulling and brooding a lot. It increases consciousness.

On a cellular level, 852 Hz enables the cell to transform into a higher-level system.

Chakra of the third eye. Is active at the level of the forehead and is indigo blue.

All oils are 100% natural, composed of 7 base essential oils . The base are 7 carrier oils.

Lovely to rub yourself with the Jeremiel oil while putting on matching 852 hz music.


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