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These beautiful oracle cards will guide you to the best Plat forest tree remedy. Each set comes with a manual, a meditation 'Trees of Light' and a brochure with a handy description of the different trees.

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Oracles have been used for centuries to get answers to big and small questions of life. The Platbos cards guide you to the tree remedies that are best for you at that moment.

Which tree remedy suits you best, changes of course through time. So it is important to consult the cards regularly. 

How to use the cards?

While you shuffle the cards, ask which drip remedy or mist can help you at this moment. 

Then split the deck into 2 where it feels right for you. 

The card that is facing up will represent the remedy or mist that is most appropriate for you at that time. 

If you prefer a sun card (day), it is recommended to choose a mist. If you prefer a Moon card (night), the drop remedies are recommended. 

If you draw an element card (Honeybee, Whale Song Wisdom,...) and you are struggling with a long-standing problem, then it is recommended to use the appropriate remedy. You can also always add an energy of the corresponding tree in the form of a mist or remedy.

If you are struggling with a recent issue and it is not so deep-rooted, then the mist is recommended. 

Place the drawn card in a prominent place while you work with the therapeutic energies. 

You can also use the enclosed meditation card 'The Trees of Light'. 

-The Sacred Connection between Trees and Human Life-.

As the forests breathe out,

we breathe in.

And as we breathe out,

so do the forests breathe in. 

In giving, we receive

And in receiving, we give.

A sacred bond, a delicate balance.

-Melissa Saayman-


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