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Zechsal bath 2 kg (for bath and footbath)

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  • Pure magnesium bath crystals (47% concentration)

  • Buy pure Zechsal quality!
  • Optimal magnesium absorption
  • Effective for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Good for 4 dobberbaths or 16 footbaths

Tip: keep the jar and fill up with 2 kg bag.

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Zechsal bath crystals consist of pure magnesium chloride in solid form. The crystals dissolve excellently in water. 

Sealable jar with screw lid. For 2 to 4 baths or 16 times a footbath. Refillable with 2 kg bag.

Dosage and use

A bath for relaxation and skin care requires a dosage of half to 1 kg. The same dosage is recommended for maintaining your magnesium balance. After the bath, your skin will feel pleasant and supple.

The recommended bath temperature in all cases is 37 degrees Celsius. The bath time is at least 20 minutes, optimum is 45 minutes. The frequency depends on your personal needs.

Ingredients: 47% magnesium chloride, crystal water.

Data sheet

2 kg
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