Platbos Orange Colour Essence

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The Orange Essence Radiates:

Generosity | Prosperity | Sociability | Zest for Life | Joy | Creativity | Bliss | Sensuality | Enthusiasm | Abundance

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Orange Colour Essence

The Orange Essence Radiates:

Generosity | Prosperity | Sociability | Zest for Life | Joy | Creativity | Bliss | Sensuality | Enthusiasm | Abundance


“I live my life with creativity and passion.”

Chakra Tuning Fork Used in Essence Making:
Sacral Chakra Sound Vibration

Sacred Geometry Used in Essence Making:
Sacral Chakra Mandala by Geometer Ros Pape

Supportive Tree
The Rock Alder ~ Tree of Bliss

Balanced by Complementary Colour:
Blue Colour Essence



Associated Chakra:
Svadhisthana / Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. Its Sanskrit name means 'sweetness'. This chakra is connected to the pelvic area and its energy feeds the genitals, reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, lower back and hips. This chakra focuses on how we express our creativity, sexuality and emotions. As our creative centre, this chakra also determines how we make connections with others. 

An overactive sacral chakra can cause inappropriate expression of sexuality - for example: manipulation of others, aggression or predatory behaviour. Excess, emotional dependence and emotional outbursts may also indicate too much energy in this chakra.

An underactive sacral chakra can cause resentment, fear, hypersensitivity, coolness and fear of sex. Fear of change, social shyness, distrust, and exaggerated boundaries also indicate an underactive sacral chakra.

When the sacral chakra is balanced, we form healthy boundaries and warm relationships. We are able to show sensitivity to the needs of others without becoming too attached to them. We nurture ourselves and others, experience joy, and are able to embrace change with grace. 

Use of the Colour Essences

As a general rule, take 4 drops of the chosen essence in water, 3 times a day for 4 weeks.

You can use the Colour Essences on their own or in combination with the Tree Essences. These help to ground the particularly high frequencies of the Colour Rays and integrate them into the body and energy field.

Read about the healing properties of each tree to find out which Colour Essence you can combine with which Tree Essences.

Each Colour Essence has a corresponding Tree Essence which can also be added to the water. In addition, each Colour Essence has a complementary Colour Essence. These can also be added to bring balance.

You can also apply the blend to pulsation points and pressure points.

Meditate on the accompanying affirmation to further enhance the effect of the Essence.

Keep a journal to record dreams, memories and thoughts that arise during the period you use the tree remedy. This helps to raise your awareness of old thought patterns, feelings or beliefs that may be ready to be released.


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