Acugem n°12 - Liver Energy

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Acugem n°12- Liver Energy is composed of young shoots of juniper leaves, buds of hazel leaves and young lemon tree bark in the form of a glycerin macerate.

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Young juniper shoots are powerful drainers of the liver and stimulate all its functions. Their ability to detoxify the liver cell makes them useful in cases of liver overload, chronic hepatitis or alcoholic cirrhosis. Besides their mainly capillary circulatory works, buds of Hazel also have hepatic action, support metabolism and have anti-clotting effects. They counteract sclerosis of the liver and are therefore indicated in steatosis and cirrhosis of various types. The bark of the young lemon tree enhances other glycerol macerates with circulatory action, such as hazel in this composition. They have an oxygenating effect and promote better blood flow in the capillaries, arteries and veins. They are especially useful in severe liver damage: cirrhosis, gallstones, digestive migraines, metabolic syndrome. 

This carefully composed synergy provides invaluable support for good liver health, including "Liver Qi" and optimises all its functions. But also for agitation of the "Liver Wind" and insufficient "Liver Blood".


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