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Blossom waters

Physalis bio blossom waters (= hydrolates) are extremely rich in water-soluble aromatic molecules and trace elements. They are subtly scented, soft, natural lotions (for the face). They are ideally suited for the care of sensitive skin.

A traditional and natural production method:

Slow and complete steam distillation at low pressure. Steam is passed through a distillation vessel with plants (leaves, flowers, etc.). The plant cells burst open, the volatile, aromatic essences go with the steam and condense after cooling. In this way one obtains on the one hand the hydrolate: the water with the water-soluble aromatic molecules and on the other hand the essential oil: non-water-soluble aromatic molecules and (usually) lighter than water. The oil floats on the water and is decanted off.

Blossom waters


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