Gemmotherapy uses the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs prepared, in their fresh state, by direct maceration in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine. 

The gemmotherapy extract is a true concentrate of information; it contains all the genius of the tree from which the bud comes. 



  • Single Bud
    <p>All the characteristics of one bud.</p> <p>Gemmotherapy uses the totality of the plant in its embryonic form. It is a true "global cellular energy phytotherapy". </p>
  • Complexen
  • Propolis Compositum
    <p>Propolis is an intermediate substance between plants and animals.</p> <p>This vegetable mastic is collected by bees from the buds of certain trees, including poplars, birches, alders, chestnuts, ash trees, etc.</p> <p>The bees use propolis not only for its hygienic role, but also to block the interstices and sterilise the entrance to the hive.</p>
  • Siropen en sappen
    <p>In addition to a complete range of quality gemmotherapy products, Alphagem is constantly investing in the research of new products to help you in your daily life. Through this range, Alphagem offers you cosmetic products made from plants that are too often forgotten. The nature that surrounds us is surprising and full of wealth.</p>
  • ACUgem (5 elementen)

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