Energy-frequency oils

SPAZIOTEMPO brand is dedicated to emotional olfactory communication. It consists of exclusive natural products, based on absolutes and very pure essential oils, selected and wisely combined for the harmonious olfactory balance, able to communicate directly with the deepest and most authentic parts of the Ego, through the most ancient “sense”, the most refined, direct and unbiased: the sense of smell.

Although the sense of smell is often underestimated in its importance by man, it is the first that developed in living beings. The olfactory system is a part of the brain itself and, like no other sense, it has the ability to determine our emotions. Man is able to perceive 1 trillion odors (1 billion of billions), far beyond the capacity of any other sense. The sense of smell is, by its nature, the most powerful means of emotional communication, which intervenes in the deepest and most intimate spheres of our psyche, and can, therefore, be a powerful vehicle for healing the ego and well-being.

The beneficial effects of essential oils, also on the emotional sphere, and the reflections of these effects on our well-being are the bases of Aromatherapy, which is the primum movens of SPAZIOTEMPO creations

Energy-frequency oils


  • Emotional oil 15 ml
    <p>Each oil represents a stage of the emotional journey for the well-being of the Self and each of us needs torebalance some aspects to achieve their well-being. Therefore, each oil is designed to respond to a particular emotional frequency, and each of us, at a given moment, will have particular benefit from a particular frequency. Let yourself be guided by your intuition to choose the path that is right for you now: free your mind and listen, then keep the choice for 21 days. The completion of the path is also achieved through the harmonizing body gel, can be combined with all oils and waters vibrational. Each of them is special suitable to be combined with an oil.</p>
  • Vibration Water
    <p>Founded on the agreement of seven harmonized essences in the water to complete the emotional journey and accompany you throughout the day.</p>

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