Tree remedies

Tree remedies


  • Platbos African Tree...
    <p>The Platbos is a magical forest in the southernmost tip of South Africa.</p> <p>The trees here are often hundreds of years old and radiate particularly powerful energies.  </p> <p>In the middle of the Platbos lives Melissa Saayman, creator of the African Tree Essences. Together with her partner François, she works every day to protect and restore the Platbos... </p> <p>...and to let people worldwide experience the healing power of the Platbos. Her natural remedies are made with the greatest care and respect from flowers and leaves of trees in the Platbos, pure spring water and sunlight.</p> <p>Thus they not only heal the body and mind, but also strengthen our appreciation for and connection with nature. </p>
  • Bouchardon (European...
    <h2>Tree oils and elixirs from Patrice Bouchardon.</h2> <p>In 1985, Patrice was asked, together with his wife, to take care of a farm while the owners were on holiday. From one day to the next, they exchanged city life for country life and were responsible for one hundred and fifty cows, goats and sheep. Their knowledge of farm life was absolutely minimal.</p> <p>Thus, if there was a problem with an animal, they knew little else than to look it in the eye, listen to it, talk to it, communicate with it. In the four months that they ran the farm, they built up a close relationship with the animals.
Later, for another four months, they went to live in a cabin in central France, at an altitude of a thousand metres and surrounded by thousands of hectares of forest, without roads, buildings or hikers.</p> <p>Just as they had developed a deep contact with the animals on the farm, they now sought to come into contact with the trees.
At first, they looked at the trees with admiration from a distance. Then they began to use their senses: they smelled the trees, touched them, tasted their sap. They put their ear to the trunk...and heard sounds and noises. They felt a change in their breathing rhythm, an influence on their pains, on their moods, even on their thoughts. It led to some very big surprises.</p> <p>Eventually, the tree oils were born here.
 Now they have been preparing their oils for 20 years. And still they discover new properties and effects of these oils.</p> <p>A few years ago, a series of elixirs were made from the same trees and shrubs, expressing a deeper aspect of the oils.</p>

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