Platbos African Tree remedies

The Platbos is a magical forest in the southernmost tip of South Africa.

The trees here are often hundreds of years old and radiate particularly powerful energies.  

In the middle of the Platbos lives Melissa Saayman, creator of the African Tree Essences. Together with her partner François, she works every day to protect and restore the Platbos... 

...and to let people worldwide experience the healing power of the Platbos. Her natural remedies are made with the greatest care and respect from flowers and leaves of trees in the Platbos, pure spring water and sunlight.

Thus they not only heal the body and mind, but also strengthen our appreciation for and connection with nature. 

Platbos African Tree remedies


  • Drop remedies - Platbos
    <p>The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers and leaves of the 14 major tree species in the Plains forest. Each tree has a unique vibration (as do all living things). Trees, because of their peaceful nature, are also known to have a very high, stable energy field. Through the element of water in our bodies, trees help to rebalance our own vibrational field.</p> <p>Scientific research has shown that the vibrational power of trees, among other things, can also be stored and transmitted through water. This discovery is the starting point for the working of the African Tree Essences.</p> <p>Melissa Saayman picks the flowers for the essences in full bloom. She then places the flowers and leaves in a glass bowl filled with pure spring water from the Uilkraal Valley. The bowl is placed near the parent tree in the golden glow of the African sun. The resulting sun infusion contains the tree's unique vibrational blueprint.</p> <p>The Tree Essences heal on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Like each tree species, each Tree Essence has its own unique power.</p>
  • Colour Essences of Light
  • Ancient Forest Tree Mists
    <p>The Tree Mists are handcrafted by Melissa Krige, producer of the African Tree Essences. By blending the therapeutic infusions of her African Tree Essences with oils derived from the wild Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, she has created a truly unique product that captures the essence of Africa.</p> <p>The essential oil blends for the thirteen different Tree Mists are each carefully selected to enhance and amplify the actions of the African Tree Essences. A further synergy is added in the form of a colour essence – these are vibratory in nature and carry the energetic properties of the particular colour. Combined, these create a tapestry of healing that echoes the energy, scent and colour of the rich forest atmosphere from whence they originate.</p> <p>The harmonising energies of the Tree Mists engage directly with the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, instantly raising the vibrations. Each Tree Mist enhances a different quality of being. For example, the Cherry Wood enhances calmness and peace, whilst the Wild Peach fosters confidence, courage and focus.</p>
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  • Platbos Sets
    <p>Complete sets platbos tree essences</p>

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